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What is required of the Client:
The Will to Live is extremely important for those who apply for treatment/healing in the clinic, as well as a respect and value for life. Although this may sound harsh, it is incredibly important. Many people who are diagnosed with cancer are so fearful that they almost give up on the will to live, even though they really want to. They are fearful of the current western medical treatment of chemotherapy and radium and its side effects, of the cancer returning, of leaving their families and friends. Fear is everywhere and at a very high intensity.

Clients must also have decided to opt out of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

The Heart of Confidence will be transmitted by Joan as well as other profound techniques empowering the client to get well,  not only well but to clear all fear, be able to live a life of joy, and happiness with a zest for life, to enjoy life with family and friends, to enjoy hobbies, to have vitality, mental clarity, peace of mind, as well as enjoying work and play. The techniques transmitted will help in healing the body/mind and also in daily life.

The programme is very strict and each clients initial consultation is for suitability assessment.

What  else is required of the Client:

Each client commits to one year (12 months) of treatment.

Attends the clinic each day or 80% of the 12 months at an appointed time for 20 minutes.

Pays a fee of €10,000  for the year. (amounts to less than €30.00 per session).

Payment is made on first 'contract signed' consultation (not suitability assessment).There is no exception to this guideline.

Full Fee will be returned if the illness is not relieved within a year, and only if the above steps and instructions are followed correctly.

A monthly report from the clients medical team is provided to the therapist by the client.

Once the reports are clear and the cancer has been overcome (even if only after 3 months), the client does not need to attend the clinic again.

A contract of agreement to the above is signed by the client on first consultation.

 'Shaolin Wahnam certified chi kung healers are so confident that if the so-called incurable diseases are not relieved within a year and
confirmed by Western trained medical doctors, the full healing fees will be refunded without question'
  Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Where is the Clinic?
At present The Specialist Healing Clinic is situated in Kilgarvan, Co Kerry. A clinic will open in Dublin when sufficient interest is shown. If interested please contact Joan on sifujoan@gmail.com

The first consultation is one hour in duration, further consultations are 20 minutes daily with 2 one hour consultations each month.

Joan Browne

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