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  This page includes more information and testimonials on overcoming cancer and finding joy in life. Please open the links to read all the information. More will follow shortly!

In January 1997 my gynaecologist gave me a diagnosis of breast cancer. I suffered two surgeries, and received chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Hence, when people angrily accused occasional reports that cancer could be cured as fakery, I could not help thinking they were like children. They did not know what they were doing.


At the end of June, as a result of a medical checkup and through a magnetic resonance, I was diagnosed as having a tumor at the pancreas' cue. This diagnose was grave, and the opinion of the doctors was to have an immediate operation and to extirpate part of the pancreas (30-50%) and of the spleen.


Qigong a cure for Cancer and Degenerative diseases- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit was awarded Qigong Master of the Year for his wonderful work with cancer patients


Except editing for spelling and grammar, the comments provided by Sifu Wong's students and other people are reproduced in full and without any changes.


Excerpt taken from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit's Q&A 2003

Early this month, I was diagnosed with a 4th stage colon cancer. I had an operation to have 6 inches of the affected colon as well as 9 lymph nodes removed. I have a 6 inch incision on my abdomen which is expected to heal completely in the next 2 weeks. I am an ardent fan of Master Wong's chi kung books. I believe Master's chi kung course will help me in my fight against cancer. I would like to attend the course.

— Kenny, Malaysia


I am sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with cancer, but the good news is that cancer can be cured! I am so convinced with this fact that I wish to repeat it: cancer can be cured.

Actually there is nothing amazing about overcoming cancer. Right now millions and millions of people all over the world are doing that, just as they are also overcoming deadly viral diseases. The really amazing thing is that by nature, which means without having to do anything extra, we can overcome all diseases. It is our natural birth-right to be healthy and happy.

When a person becomes sick it is because one or more parts of his body are not working naturally. Chemotherapy, surgery, herbal medicine and acupuncture are some of the means to restore the natural working of the body, thereby restoring health. Chi kung is the most natural and the most fundamental means because life is basically a meaningful flow of energy, and the most fundamental task of chi kung is to ensure this meaning flow.

One of my students who had cancer and who recovered by practicing chi kung told me that at one stage her illness was so bad that she thought she would die any time, but the only time she knew she could be alive was when she did chi kung. This inspiring statement is not only poetic but actually real. As long as she did chi kung, such as doing exercises like “Lifting the Sky”, she took responsibility and control of regulating good energy entering her and bad energy going out from her. In other words she ensured a meaningful flow of energy.

Nevertheless, to say that every disease can be overcome is not the same as saying every patient will be cured of his disease. If a disease, any disease even a simple one, has developed beyond a threshold, then recovery may be impossible.

In your case, you have a good chance to overcome cancer. Cancer is not an acute disease like cholera or dengi fever. This means you still have time. And you have the most important ingredient to get well, i.e.the will to live. If a patient gives up hope, t would be difficult to recover.

I have devoted a whole, long chapter on “Cancer Can Be Cured” in my book, “The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine”. Read it. The facts as well as explanation on why cancer can be cured will further enhance your hopes and confidence. Then apply to my secretary to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Meanwhile practice on your own the wonderful chi kung exercise called “Lifting the Sky”. You can learn it from my books, “The Art of Chi Kung”, “Chi Kung for Health and Vitality” or “The Complete Book of Shaolin”.

Every morning and evening or at night pray sincerely according to your religion, or if you do not profess a religion, pray in whatever way you think fit. Seek divine help and it will be given. Make a vow to get well and then help other cancer patients by telling them that they too can recover from the disease. Reaffirm your vow everyday. Needless to say, when you have recovered, you must fulfill your vow to help other cancer patients.

Excerpt taken from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit's Q&A 2001

have a friend who has been ill from a cancer that has something to do with the spine and needs bone marrow transplant. I also had cancer when I was young (leukaemia) and I've managed to get through it alive. My friend seems to have lost faith and is in hospital getting weaker each day. I know you're not a doctor but I am just curious to know your view.


Congratulations for overcoming leukaemia. It is a great achievement.

Actually I am a Chinese physician trained in the traditional way. I did not study traditional Chinese medicine in college or university, but followed my masters as an apprentice for many years.

Cancer can be cured. I am sure of this because I have personally helped many people recover from cancer.

In traditional Chinese medicine there is no illness called cancer. The modern Chinese term for cancer, which is “ai”, is not a traditional Chinese medical term; it is a modern term translated from western medicine.

This does not mean that patients who had symptoms for which western doctors would label as cancer, did not exist in China in the past. But these patients were not described as cancer patients. A patient's illness was described according to its cause in the Chinese medical paradigm, and not according to its symptoms as in the case of western medicine.

Three patients described by western doctors as suffering from leukaemia, would be described differently by Chinese physicians because the causes of leukaemia may be different among them. Hence, one patient may be described as suffering from “insufficient yang in the liver system”, another may be suffering from “blockage of the spleen meridian”, and the third may be “excessive fire at the bone marrow”.

The great difference for the patients is that if you call their illness cancer, you are telling them that you don't know what they are suffering from and hence you do not know what illness to cure, whereas if you call their illness by the causes as in the case of traditional Chinese medicine, you are telling them that if you can overcome the causes they will be cured of their illness.

Hence, if you can increase yang in the liver system of the first patient, clear the blocked spleen meridian of the second patient, and reduce fire at the bone marrow of the third patient, all the three patients will be cured. If the diagnosis is correct, recovery is a matter of course.

The wonderful advantage of chi kung is that you need not even have to know the causes! This may sound crazy, but it is true. Why is it so? Because while the other healing systems, western as well as Chinese, work at higher levels of the body, such as at the levels of cells, organs or systems, chi kung works at the most fundamental level, that of chi or energy.

For example if a physical makes a mistake in his diagnosis, thinking that the cause insufficient yang in the liver system when actually it is in the colon system, or thinking that there is too much fire in the bone marrow when the cause is actually insufficient yin in the kidneys, then the treatment would be inappropriate.

In chi kung the problem of mistaken diagnosis does not arise because there is no need for diagnosis. Why? Because in the chi kung paradigm there is only one root cause, that is yin-yang disharmony. Yin-yang disharmony may have many and varied manifestations, such as insufficient yang in the liver system, too much fire in the bone marrow, or insufficient yin in the kidneys. But a chi kung therapist or master needs not worry about the manifestations; he deals with the root cause.

An analogy may make this clearer. Your refrigerator is not working. Your dinner is not cooked. And you cannot watch your favourite television programme. Why? Because your power supply has been cut. You need not examine your refrigerator, cooker or television set. Restore your power supply and everything works well again.

Restore harmonious energy flow and every part of your body works well again, which is another way of saying you have yin-yang harmony. The forte of chi kung is restoring harmonious energy flow. In western terms it means that good energy makes good cells, which in turn make good tissues, which in turn make good muscles, organs and systems. If all your systems, organs, tissues and cells are functioning well, you will not be sick.

It is highly recommended that you and your friend practise chi kung. You have to practise genuine chi kung, and not physical exercise. Most people may not tell the difference between chi kung and physical exercise. Physical exercise works on muscles, whereas chi kung works on energy.

Joan Browne

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